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Paralysis Treatment By Bat Saliva

Paralysis Treatment

Bat Saliva For Paralysis Treatment There is a type of Bat that survive solely on sucking blood. These bat began their hunt at night and attack on their prey like mosquitos and leeches and suck the heavy amount of blood. This type of bat is mostly known as the symbol of …

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Eyes Color Changing Laser Technology

Eyes Color Changing

Eyes Color Changing Technology An American Doctor is trying to Treat Eyes with the help of the Laser , which can change the color of the eyes. experts called it Eyes Color Changing Technology Dr.Gregg Homer presented a theory that if the Eyes are exposed to 20 seconds to the Laser …

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Mutant mosquitoes resist malaria infection

Mutant mosquitoes

Mutant mosquito that resist malaria Researchers in the United State have utilized quality altering to create a strain of mosquitoes that hinders the transmission of the jungle fever parasite (malaria). The mutant mosquitoes are the most recent weapon in a fight against the life-undermining sickness that executes more than 438,000 …

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Lose your weight in Just 2 week exercise


Lose your weight in Just 2 week exercise   As a big Tummy is a Big problem for everyone but know you can lose this big tummy in 4 minute exercise These Lose weight in 4 minute exercise Go Viral on social media channels so know we share all these  exercises …

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