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“How I Healed Myself From Cancer – Naturally”

“How I Healed Myself From Cancer – Naturally”


We frequently tell our readers different natural approaches of treating and even curing cancer. We offer you a direct record of how one man cured his own cancer by dietary and way of life progressions.

Figures now demonstrate that cancer affects every 1 out of 3 women, or 1 out of 2 men, and by the year 2050, a double number of cancer cases has been predicted.


Both predictions are established by details gathered by the Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) program at the National Cancer Institute(nci) (i).

There are a lot of health specialists who additionally accept that many individuals who “die from cancer” actually die from the chemotherapy much sooner than they would have really passed away from the disease itself, as there has been a big difference between regulating a “therapeutic dose” and killing the cancer patient (ii). scary cancer diagnosis right before his 37th birthday.

Using his own words, he tells us how and why he chose to avoid traditional and standard chemo treatment, and took an educated choice to handle this – diet and lifestyle. This is the story the way he tells it:

“I thank God that I got cancer.
It was two weeks before my 37th birthday that I (reluctantly) went to see a Urologist about an “abnormality” in one of my testicles. I first noticed it 9 months prior and like a typical male, I shrugged it off as a non-issue. As the weeks and months progressed, I noticed the size of the testicle increase and change in texture. It was now unusually firm. I had spent countless hours trolling every medical website in a desperate attempt to self-diagnose. As I searched every possible outcome, one was a constant and distinct possibility: cancer.

I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Its a great city and a fantastic place to raise a family, but it has also been consistently ranked in the top 10 of the nation’s “fattest cities”. I used to fit into this paradigm perfectly, eating an unhealthy diet of Mexican food, fast food and binge drinking soda.

At my heaviest, I weighed in at close to 220 lbs. I’m 5’7…you do the math. Did I know it was wrong at the time? Absolutely! Did I care? Maybe a little, but I was young. I was invincible. I had all the time in the world… or so I thought. What I failed to realize at the time is a little thing called consequence.

So there I sat nervously in the waiting room, desperately trying to convince myself that what I had was normal, probably some sort of infection that would go away with antibiotics. Upon a physical inspection, I began to come to the realization that things would not go my way. I could see it on the Dr’s face. He immediately sent me across the hall for an ultrasound.

Still, I held the faintest hope that it could be something else, but soon that hope would be gone as well. The Doctor reviewed my ultrasound and immediately ordered a CT scan, blood-work and scheduled me for surgery. “Cancel your business trip”, he said. Wow. It was 5:00pm on a Friday afternoon. I was the very last patient in the office, and I just got the Cancer bomb dropped in my lap. Not the ideal way to start the weekend.

I had now reached the lowest point of my life. I felt lost. I felt hopeless. I felt numb. I felt like a victim.

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