Until now.

Women are expected to have little to no body fat.

We’re told that in order to be desirable, we basically need to be able to see our bones protruding from underneath our skin, even though this is very, very unhealthy. According to Oxygen magazine, the average woman needs to have a body fat percentage of 25-32% to be healthy, and that’s a whole lot more than many of us aspire to have.

We’re also expected to be freshly shaved or waxed at all times.
It’s expected that women basically won’t have any hair on their bodies, with the exception of their heads. We’re told that not only does the male gaze prefer smooth skin, but that being “au naturel” is grounds for disapproval, like it’s gross or something. (Yet it’s not gross for men to be “au naturel?” …UGH!)

And we’re not seen as “real” women unless we have big, in-your-face tatas.

There’s something about big boobs that seems to get a woman a certain level of respect — or rather attention. Girls grow up hoping and praying they’ll be blessed with a healthy set because it somehow equates to love and affection from the opposite sex. Yet biologically small boobs serve the exact same purpose, so we care why exactly?

Not to mention deeply sun-kissed skin.
Yeah, a little bit of a tan during the summertime can make you glow, but for some reason we’re expected to have that summertime glow all year round, even if it means risking our health by getting an artificial tan from an indoor tanning booth. (I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure our health should be coming before our looks.)

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That’s a lot to keep up with, right?

Talk about a full-time job. Ain’t nobody got time for one of those when your “to-do to be pretty” list will easily take you all day. Life as a woman is basically “make yourself pretty, sleep, and repeat.”