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How Diabetes Patients Increase Sugar level

Diabetes Patients Should Know 7 Unknown Reasons To Maintain sugar level

Diabetes is a Disease which is supposed to be incurable  if someone have it.
Diabetes Patients can control it with some special diet and habits. If you are a Diabetes patient and
check your blood sugar level on daily basis or worry to maintain it to the healthy level, so it’s necessary to
know these unexpected elements that can be cause of increment of your normal blood sugar level.
Those people who don’t take break fast due to obesity, after the lunch the level of Insulin and blood sugar greatly increases.
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a research report that “There is 21% Chance of Diabetes in each person who doesn’t take break-fast.
The research says that first meal of the morning, specially enrich with protein and fats helps to maintain the sugar level all the day.

Diabetes Patients

artificial sweeteners

If you are a diabetes patient and prefers artificial sweeteners rather  than a common sugar, So an Israeli research says that artificial sweeteners badly affect your health.
the report states that artificial sweeteners can increase Sugar level in blood so much. Actually this type of sweetener affects the special type of bacteria in the stomach eventually they do not process the glucose in the body.
The researchers suggest that, some diabetes patients in fear of diabetes Use Diet Drinks in place of other drink should avoid them as well.

High Fat Foods

The Diabetes patients should avoid high fat food for a certain limit. The Research published in 2011 at The Journal of Nutrition the use of high fat food can increase sugar level in blood upto 32%.
The research suggest that fatty meals affects the blood flow in the body due to this the ability to filter sugar from blood affects.

Use of Coffee.

The recent research shows that the use of coffee reduces the risk of Diabetes Type 2 but the people already become the Diabetes patients, the caffeine can be dangerous.
American National Institute of Diabetes says it’s not that you stop the use of coffee but be very careful to use it, Because with out Milk and Sugar the use of Black-Coffee can increase Sugar Level in blood.


Either it’s flu or another infection. In these circumstance the immune system of body secrete a chemical to fight a certain type of bacteria which can make your blood sugar level out of control.
Actually A Disease is a type of stress that increases the body immunity but due to this the body produces large amount of glucose to increase the strength which result to block in the path of Insulin.
It means in human body the sugar level dramatically  increase due to illness. In these Circumstances the diabetes patient require proper guidance in there daily meals.


A good rest at night happens to be a best medicine  Specially if you are a diabetes patient. According to a Dutch Research Diabetes Type 1 People who sleep only 4 hours sleep a night, the sensitivity of insulin get decrease on to 20%.
In other words sleeplessnes results in increase of body stress and due to this blood sugar level increases prominantly.


A Tobacco is truly bad for everyone’s health but Cigarette is Specially dangerous to diabetes patients.A research in California State University shows that the more the nicotine includes in human blood the more the blood sugar increases and it’s too much increment of level can
result in critical complications in diabetes, like Heart Attack, Paralysis, failure of kidneys etc



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