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Environmental Health 5 Simple Facts


Environmental health is a theory and practice of reforming, correcting and preventing environmental factors that affect negatively the health of both present and future generations. There is the involvement of understanding the effects of environmental and human made hazards. It is also concern with the safeguard of human health and ecological systems against these menaces.
Environmental health addresses all the physical, chemical, and biological factors that are external to human. It enclose the assessment and check of those factors that can implicitly affect health. Its target is to create such environment which supports health. (WHO)

Environmental Health

Environmental Health Issues:

Environment health concerns with the phase of both the natural and built environment that affect the health of species. Issues included are food safety, quality of water, tobacco control, and asbestos, directing environmental threats, use of chemicals, pest control and other factors that may have bad impact on human health.

Environmental Diseases:

Environmental diseases are those diseases that are directly related to the environmental factors. These diseases are unlike the genetic factors or infection. There are different types of environmental diseases, such as:
Lifestyle diseases, diseases caused by substance abuse such as alcoholism, smoking etc.
Disease caused by physical factors, such as skin cancer.
Disease caused by liability of chemicals in environment such as toxic metals.
Some Environmental health diseases are:

Allergies and Asthma:

Asthma is caused after heavy exercise or sudden change in weather. But it is also caused by the polluted air and chemicals that are used. Different types of allergies also attack people by which they became the victim of environmental factors.
Birth Defects:
Birth defects are caused by lifestyle of women. When pregnant woman drinks a lot of alcohol, noxious substances reach fetus. Then babies born in an abnormal way, with an organ, tissue or body part that has not fully developed. Smoking, aspirin are also the reason of birth problems. And birth defects are the leading cause of infants’ death in today’s world.
Cancer transpires when a cell or group of cells begin to multiply quickly. Then the organs are unable to perform their function normally. Some environmental substances are the leading cause of cancer such as: cigarette smoke, radiation, natural and man-made chemicals, alcohol, sunlight etc.
Heart Diseases:
It is the leading cause of death and also the significant cause of disability. Heart diseases are due to poor eating habits, lack of exercise and some environmental chemicals also play their role. Some harmful substances creates blockage that cut off the flow of blood to the heart which results in heart attack.

Role of Environmental professionals:

It is the job of environmental professionals to check and maintain the safe supply of food and drinking water. They find out the mechanisms of diseases that are produced by environmental exposures. And treat and dispose the solid and poisonous wastes. Professionals work for the identification, estimation of exposures to environmental contaminants.
Environmental health consist of those aspects of human health that comprises of quality of life, that are determined by physical, chemical, social, biological and psychological factors in environment. Its work is to give protection against environmental factors that impact negatively on human health or ecological environment. Threatening and serious diseases are also caused by environmental factors which results in death. Environmental safe health is professional practice of improving residential and industrial germ free environment.



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