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Undeniable Truth About control thinning hair

Are you seeing your hair becoming thin day by day? Are you worried? Do you want to know how to treat thinning hair ? Well, thinning hair is one of the most common problems. It can be due to several reasons for example nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, scalp infections, thyroid problems, side effects of certain medicines, stress etc. Finding out the reason is mandatory to treat thinning hair. Below are some ways by which you can control thinning hair.

control thinning hair

Things To Avoid To Control Thinning Hair:

1: No Smoking: Smoking slows down circulation of blood. When blood will not reach easily to scalp, it will affect hair health. Hair will become weak and thin.
2: Rough Brushing: Many people brush hair roughly and vigorously. Always brush your hair gently. Use combs instead of brushes for better results.
3: Limit Styling: Dryers, curlers and irons damage hair badly. Try to limit their use. If you are intended to use them in any way, do precautionary measures before usage.
4: Avoiding Stress: Stress is the cause of so many problems including hair loss and thinning hair. Avoid tensions and stress. Do yoga and exercise to release stress. Try to be happy. Take proper sleep. Think positive and you will see the results in the form of healthy hair.

Things To Do To Control Thinning Hair:

1: Drink Plenty Of Water: Drink as much as you can. Water is necessary to keep scalp hydrated which in turn is vital for hair growth and health.
2: Massage: Massaging improves blood flow to scalp. Make it a habit to massage your scalp with good oil such as olive oil, coconut oil or castor oil before shampooing.
3: Take Supplements: If you cannot increase vitamin and iron intake through food, start taking hair growth supplements. It will help control hair loss and thinning hair. Lipogaine for men and Ultrax Labs hair maxx DHT blocker are good supplements. The later to be used only in case of an increase of DHT hormones in the body.
4: Use Natural Hair Care Products: Hair styling products that are made with natural ingredients and less chemical interference are best to control thinning hair.
5: Regulate Hormones: Visit doctor to treat hormonal imbalance. If thinning hair is due to hormones problem, then an expert can handle it appropriately.
6: Use Castor Oil: Mixed with honey, castor oil increases hair growth. Apply the mixture prior one to two hours to shampooing. Do it thrice a week.
7: Keep Hairs Short: During the period of thinning hair problem, keep the hair length short. It will help in giving a fuller look to your hair. They will not appear thin this way.



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